IRS Representation

Expert IRS Representation for Business and Individual Tax Payers

The team at Kevin L. Pohle, CPA, PLLC specializes in representing clients, both businesses and individuals, that have to go before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to resolve a tax controversy. Under the provisions of a power of attorney, the taxing authorities will deal directly with our firm. 

Here is how we can help

Payment Plan Organization:

Individuals and corporations are often asked to complete complicated forms in order for the Internal Revenue Service to confirm a payment plan to pay a tax debt.  Proper completion of form 433-A or 433-B is essential and can often be complicated.  We have extensive experience completing these forms and can assist to secure the most favorable payment plan for you.

Penalty Abatements

Most penalty assessments are paid by taxpayers without question; however, the IRS and New York State allow the abatement of penalties under specific circumstances.  We will review your circumstances and, if applicable, present the facts in such a manner as to have penalties abated and tax liability reduced.

Federal and State Audits

It is inevitable that a percentage of tax returns will be audited.  When you receive a letter of examination, you should consult with our office to evaluate the best way to proceed prior to discussing the issues with the auditing agency.

Payroll and Sales Tax Problems

Small business owners will frequently find themselves in arrears on taxes. Employment and Sales taxes must be paid and, if necessary, a business may need an extended period of time to pay delinquent taxes.  We can assist with evaluating the penalties and arranging a payment plan. 

Unfiled/Delinquent Returns

Many times an individual or business will not file returns for several years.  Do not allow the fear of not filing prevent you from addressing the problem.  We encourage you to arrange a consultation with us so that we can advise you of the best course of action.

Offer in Compromise

Although popular, this process often is misunderstood by the average taxpayer and professional without experience in this area.  There is no individual at your local IRS office that has the authority to negotiate and compromise your tax on the spot.  An offer in compromise must be made by presenting various forms.  An understanding of the forms and process is essential before beginning communication with the IRS and will determine the amount of your offer.  We have the experience to get results.

Problems with the taxing authorities can be a sign of more significant problems that are “under the surface”. As we work through this process together, we can also help you identify the root of these problems and assist you with a plan to rectify them.

If you are concerned about delinquent tax returns, unfiled returns, settling tax debt or any other tax controversy, call the experts in IRS representation at Kevin L. Pohle, CPA, PLLC today. We can help you take care of your tax problems. Schedule your free, no obligation consultation by calling (716) 565 - 0565.